[CN] Xujiahui Cathedral@Shanghai 徐家匯天主堂

On April/23/2013. I took a walk just 15 mins from my hotel to here. Just cross some business district and lots of department store.But the most confusing case is when I want to walk there by the metro station, I just couldn't find the shortest way underground. So the better choice is walk the road directly ...

I went here twice, one at night and the next day afternoon, just want to see how it's different between this two scene.
I remember last time I went here 5 years ago (Probably, I couldn't remember the time) with the college's partners, and took the group picture here with them.

nothing change here. Just the different purpose for the trip. 

And here is the cathedral , I couldn't find the correct time being here even the daytime. so I don't have the chance to visit inside. I could only take the picture and imagine how it goes. However I think inside is just like another one I see in Ho Chi Minh city after 6 months later. 

But I think it is better to take the picture in daytime, so I walk here at night first ,and then decide come here again when my lunch break ( It means I have to walk over 30 mins to be here) 

Even I still not being here at the opening time, but it still good to take this picture and imagine inside. Also I could find the other way instead walk underground by metro station :) 

All other buildings here are much higher than cathedral . It's lots of business since the shipping progressively enormous and Shanghai located in this good place.  right ?


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